Quality Assurance

Our varietals are tested, validated, and certified genuine Extra Virgin, by labs and tasting panels, recognized and required, by the International Olive Council (IOC), whose standards remain the highest in the world.

We carry the seal of "Protected Geographical Indication" (PGI), exclusively determined by geographical environment whose name it bears. The focus is specific quality and flavor characteristics attributed to these regions.

Please do not hesitate to ask, we will provide our certificate of analysis upon request!

Our Methods

We produce our varietals in state-of-the-art pressing facilities to ensure superior quality control.  We achieve our high standards with this modern technology.

Our harvesting methods are traditional.  Hand selected, picked and pressed within 6-8 hours, stored properly, and carefully packaged to maintain our extraordinary quality and sensory standards.

Our farming and milling methods are sustainable and environmentally conscious to respect what our rich lands and climate have provided us.

Of Single Origin and Traceable. Our harvest and best by dates are stamped on every bottle to ensure freshness.

Kolossos  Robust

Unfiltered, from Koroneiki olives grown in Lakonia, Greece.

Full-bodied, peppery flavor with
hints of nuts, green tea
and tomato leaf. 

Offered in 500 ML and 3 Liter

​Facts to consider

Learn how not to be duped

  • "First Cold Pressed" does not qualify it as an Extra Virgin olive oil only and that term is out-dated, "Cold Extracted" is the modern technology mostly used today.
  • Not all Extra Virgin olive oils are created equal
  • Good for cooking, baking, sautéing, deep-frying and finishing
  • 410F smoke point, if of high quality
  • Varietals pair differently with other ingredients
  • Look for harvest and best by dates, usually up to 2 years difference
  • Look for specific cultivar (olive variety) and region that it is grown and produced in
  • Extra Virgin olive oil is the only oil that is 100% pure, meaning no chemicals used during refinement
  • Free acidity is not the only parameter to qualify as an Extra Virgin 
  • When olive oil is exposed to oxygen, light, and heat, it is subject to oxidation and may become rancid
  • Unlike red wine, olive oil breaks down with age
  • Extra Virgin olive oils are loaded with antioxidants that will have a positive impact on health, wellness, and illness if incorporated as a lifestyle backed by numerous studies 
Remember, have fun, be creative, and use it liberally so your olive oil always remains fresh!

How to sniff and taste properly

Does your olive oil smell like olives?

Extra Virgin olive oil must possess 3 positive characteristics and be free of any taste defects.  

The positive attributes are as follows: 

1. Fruity: Aromas of cut grass, banana, artichokes, etc.

2. Bitter: Sensed on the front or back of tongue

3. Pungency: Peppery sensation in the back of the throat

Swirl, sniff, slurp, and swallow olive oils to determine these factors.  Use a tapered wine glass.  Swirl and inhale slowly.  Is it pleasant?  Next, slurp.  Is it bitter on the tongue?  What is the tactile sensation?  While the oil is still in your mouth, close the mouth and breathe through the nose for retro-nasal stimulation.  Finally, swallow the oil.  Does it leave a peppery sensation in your throat?  

Learning how to taste properly will educate your senses and allow you to select oils with desired flavor characteristics that can be paired with other ingredients. 

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Why unfiltered olive oils?

It is producer and culturally dependent.

Filtration is a process of removing the extra fruit particles known as sediment after extraction.  It can be done by several filtering processes, by using filters or naturally by the laws of gravity in a process called racking.  However, racking does not remove all particles.  Sediment varies by olive variety and batch, among other factors.  

Most Greek producers say "leave the olive oil alone as it should be!" For this reason, we do not filter typically and carefully rack.  It is merely a personal preference, not a matter of quality.  Though, unfiltered oils with heavy sediment are not conducive for a greater shelf life. Just shake before each use!

Kolossos Mild

Unfiltered, from Manaki olives grown in Argolida, Greece. 

Delicate flavor, ripe olive fruit, buttery, with hints of apricot,
ripe apple and pine. 

Offered in 500 ML and 3 Liter